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No Image Available You Know When the Men Are Gone
A collection of interconnected stories relate the experiences of Fort Hood military wives who share a poignant vigil during which...
New with slight corner bump on cover Fiction Siobhan Fallon
$ 38.95 $ 26.90
No Image Available You Belong with Me
Small-town realtor Hannah Thornton has many talents--unfortunately, selling houses isn't one of them. When a developer sets his sights on...
Fiction, Large Print Tari Faris
$ 22.90
No Image Available Wild Waymire
Wild Waymire: The two things Matthew Waymire's father hates most are women and the Hunnicuts -- and his son Ernie...
Fiction Lewis B. Patten
No Image Available Unleashed
When the new co-publisher of a gossipy trade magazine for the dog show world turns up dead, strangled with a...
Fiction Laurien Berenson
No Image Available Three Stations
In a novel set in modern-day Moscow, Arkady Renko must deal with the kidnapping of a mysterious teenage mother's baby,...
Fiction Martin Cruz Smith
No Image Available These Nameless Things
Once held captive and tortured on a mysterious mountain, Dan was lucky to have made it out alive. But freedom...
Fiction, Large Print Shawn Smucker
$ 22.90
No Image Available These Ghosts Are Family
Stanford Solomon has a shocking, thirty-year-old secret. And it's about to change the lives of everyone around him. Stanford Solomon...
Fiction, Large Print Maisy Card
$ 22.90
No Image Available The Wedding Girl
Having rashly agreed ten years earlier to a marriage of convenience with her gay friend's partner to secure his citizenship,...
Fiction Madeleine Wickham
No Image Available The Penny Pinchers Club
Shopaholic Kat discovers her husband's secret bank account and embarks on a drastic cost-cutting mission that unites her with an...
Fiction Sarah Strohmeyer
No Image Available The Liberation of Brigid Dunne
One explosive family reunion. A lifetime of secrets revealed.[wpecpp id="612"]
Fiction, Large Print Patricia Scanlan
$ 22.90
No Image Available The Last Beach Bungalow
A breast cancer survivor of five years, April Newton is feeling restless, as if her life and marriage are slipping...
Fiction Jennie Nash
No Image Available The Lady’s Handbook for Her Mysterious Illn
The darkly funny memoir of Sarah Ramey's years-long battle with a mysterious illness that doctors thought was all in her...
Fiction, Large Print Sarah Ramey
$ 22.90