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Chasing and Repousse: Methods Ancient and Modern [Hardcover]
Author: Nancy Megan Corwin; Tim McCreight and Doug Yaple Category: Jewelry Publisher: Brynmorgen Press ISBN: 1929565321

Editorial ReviewThis is a treasure trove of information about chasing and repouss√© one of the most underrated, yet versatile, accessible, and immediate metalworking technique there is. With minimal equipment, thousand of fantastic forms, designs, and textures are available to an artist with noting more than a sheet of metal, some punches, a hammer, and a pitch pot. In nine chapters, author Nancy Megan Corwin discusses materials, tools, studio setups, pitch and its uses, technique basics and beyond. Full color photography illustrates examples of artists’ works and step by step techniques, which are also accompanied with drawings and diagrams for clearer understanding. I particularly appreciated the appendix on tool making, plus the encyclopedia of example of Japanese chasing tools, how to make them, and what they are