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 Author: Max Brand ,  Category: Fiction  Publisher: Center Point Pub  ISBN: 1611730635

Paul Torridon rides the fabulous steed Ashur on his way to Fort Kendry with his guide, plainsman Roger Lincoln, in The Man from the Sky. When Roger disappears one morning, Paul knows only that finding Fort Kendry by himself will be almost impossible — and that’s if he manages to survive on the empty plains. Then he comes upon ailing Cheyenne warrior Standing Bull sprawled on a small island in a dry gulch . . . On his deathbed, gunman Hank Peyton tells his son, Jerry, that the only good thing he’s ever done in his life has been raising Jerry. He doesn’t have much to leave Jerry except for his gun, known as The Voice of La Paloma. Later, when Jerry is accused of horse stealing, the sheriff and his posse go after their prey. Though sheriff Ed Sturgis finds the real horse thief, his posse finds Jerry and beats him mercilessly. But instead of helping Jerry, the sheriff makes a deal with the thief — steal The Voice of La Paloma from Peyton while he’s helpless, and Sturgis will forget about the crime.

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