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Setting Repair [Paperback] Alan Revere; George McLean and emiko oye
Author: Alan Revere; George McLean and emiko oye Category: Jewelry Publisher: Brynmorgen Press ISBN: 0965104931

Setting Repair is the second installment in Revere s landmark Professional Jewelry Repair Series. Just as Ring Repair was the first to cover the myriad ways to size and replace ring shanks, this book is the first to illustrate and explain the repair of settings for gemstones in jewelry. Seventeen step-by-step chapters include repairs in sterling silver, karat golds and platinum. The accessible text, informative photographs and helpful illustrations, Setting Repair provides a wealth of valuable information to benchworkers and jewelers. As an educator to thousands of students all over the world, Alan Revere is adept as communicating the intricacies of jewelry making and repair with time-honored authority.