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No Image Available You Know When the Men Are Gone
A collection of interconnected stories relate the experiences of Fort Hood military wives who share a poignant vigil during which...
New with slight corner bump on cover Fiction Siobhan Fallon
$ 38.95 $ 26.90
No Image Available You Belong with Me
Small-town realtor Hannah Thornton has many talents--unfortunately, selling houses isn't one of them. When a developer sets his sights on...
Fiction, Large Print Tari Faris
$ 22.90
No Image Available Wings Like a Dove
Can the invisible walls that separate people ever come down? In 1933, Anna Leibowicz is convinced that the American dream...
Camille Eide
No Image Available Wilderness Wife
When life collapses around you in a single day, how do you continue living?
rear free end paper is folded Fiction, Large Print Delores Topliff
$ 38.95 $ 22.90
No Image Available Wild Waymire
Wild Waymire: The two things Matthew Waymire's father hates most are women and the Hunnicuts -- and his son Ernie...
Fiction Lewis B. Patten
No Image Available West of the Rimrock
Murdo Morgan returned to Paradise Valley, Oregon, expecting trouble. Sixteen years earlier, his father had planned to help hundreds of...
Large Print, Westerns Wayne D. Overholser
No Image Available Valley of the 99: A Wesern Duo: A Circle V Western
In "The Courage Builder," the small ranchers in Harmony, Oregon, are up against it with the price of cattle down...
Large Print, Westerns Wayne D. Overholser
$ 22.90
No Image Available Unleashed
When the new co-publisher of a gossipy trade magazine for the dog show world turns up dead, strangled with a...
Fiction Laurien Berenson
No Image Available Trail’s End
Jim Silcott was filling in as editor of the Powder Horn Sentinel after the former editor and owner, Carl Rogers,...
Large Print, Westerns William MacLeod Raine
$ 22.90
No Image Available Total Power
When Mitch Rapp captures ISIS's top technology expert, he reveals he was on his  way to meet a man who...
Large Print, Mystery/Thriller Vince Flynn
$ 22.90
No Image Available Timberline Bonanza
"In 1879 in the silver-rich town of Leadville, Colorado, a cowboy is found beaten and suffering from amnesia. While he...
Large Print, Westerns Allan Vaughan Elston
$ 22.90
No Image Available Three Stations
In a novel set in modern-day Moscow, Arkady Renko must deal with the kidnapping of a mysterious teenage mother's baby,...
Fiction Martin Cruz Smith