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  • Literature & Fiction

    Pink Chimneys by Hamlin, Ardeana

    Pink Chimneys is “a gentlemen’s club, a place for men to conduct business and entertain their associates.” Such is the delicate description of the classiest brothel in 19th-century Bangor, Maine. It is also the title of this enjoyable novel about three generations of women who are closely linked: Fanny; her daughter Elizabeth; and Maude, the midwife who delivered her. Treated …

  • Literature & Fiction , Mystery

    Mind Over Mussels (Shores Mystery) [Paperback] Hilary MacLeod

    Nothing big ever happens in The Shores. Ceilidhs, yes. Killings, no.

    That all changes when amateur sleuth, Hy McAllister trips over a body on the beach and tumbles head first into a murder case. Cottager Lance Lord, dressed like Jimi Hendrix, has had his head split open with an axe. As Hurricane Angus storms up the coast, Hy and Mountie Jane …

  • Island Port Press , Literature & Fiction

    Strangers on the Beach [Hardcover] Pahigian, Josh

    Set in the summertime tourist mecca of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, this mystery/suspense novel crosses the storylines of affluent summer tourists and struggling year-round residents when a famed and wealthy adventurer gets stranded in town after an incident at sea. When eccentric billionaire Ferdinand Sevigny’s latest stunt, to sail around the world blindfolded, goes awry, he lands in Maine just …

  • Literature & Fiction , Maine

    Stories of Aroostook: The Best of Echoes Magazine [Paperback] Olmstead, Kathryn

    For nearly thirty years,¬†Echoes¬†magazine brought the culture, heritage, landscape, and people of Aroostook County to readers in Maine and across the United States. Publisher Kathryn Olmstead, who founded the magazine along with Gordon Hammond, once told a newspaper: “The two of us were both ‘from away.’ In our experience, a place like Aroostook County is the kind of place …

  • Island Port Press , Literature & Fiction

    Harbor Journal Vol 2 [Paperback] McGrail, Sarah

    A literary sampler from more than 50 Maine writers and artists, this journal includes writing from Tim Sample, Sanford Phippen, Sarah Sherman McGrail, Trudy Chambers Price, Robert Skoglund, Miriam Colwell, and many more.