Arbornaut: A Life Discovering the Eighth Continent in the Trees Above Us [Library


A blend of memoir and fieldwork account, The Arbornaut gives us the chance to live among scientists and travel the world–even in a hot-air balloon! It is the engrossing, uplifting story of a nerdy tree climber–the only girl at the science fair–who becomes a giant inspiration, a groundbreaking, ground-defying field biologist, and a hero for trees everywhere.

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Welcome to the eighth continent!

As a graduate student exploring the rain forests of Australia, Meg Lowman realized that she couldn’t monitor her beloved leaves using any of the usual methods. So she put together a climbing kit: she sewed a harness from an old seat belt, gathered hundreds of feet of rope, and found a tool belt for her pencils and rulers. Up she went, into the trees.

Forty years later, Lowman remains one of the world’s foremost arbornauts, known as the “real-life Lorax.” She planned one of the first treetop walkways and helps create more of these bridges through the eighth continent all over the world.

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