The Flores Cartel Goes to Maine: (Big Mistake) [Paperback] Probert, Randall


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Hans Grubber, an officer in Germany’s Intelligence Division in pre-WWII, devises a plan to smuggle guns into Mexico and then across the border to San Diego to be dispersed to Nazi sympathizers to attack the United States from within if the United States joins forces with the European Allies. Hans creates the Flores Diamond Cutting and Antique Furniture Cartel. Years after the end of the war Hans’ son and daughter, Pietro and Avilla, expand the Cartel to include narcotics and they create a spiderweb pipeline of contacts across the U.S. to New Brunswick, Canada. Lyle Kingsley, a member of the Mekong Devils, is home on leave from South Vietnam, visiting his folks when he witnesses a drug-related homicide. The cartel must kill Lyle before he can testify in Grand Jury and assassins are sent after him at Driftwood Lake. Their big mistake.


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