Bedside: The Art of Medicine [Hardcover] Michael A. Lacombe


This collection of stories, though fiction, is a rich depiction of Maine people–doctors, nurses, patients, and families–and their stories ring true in every sense. The cover photograph is of a “left-handed house” referred to in the story “Left-handed Favor,” of the Biddeford-Saco general practitioner who used a secret code with his office and local pharmacist to help indigent patients.

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In other stories:

  • A Jewish atheist tells an “innocent tale” to a dying young girl.
  • While fly-fishing, two old doctors drink fine wine from jelly glasses and consume dropped-eggs on hash and grouse about the sorry state of education today.
  • An old country doctor, at Death’s door, tells a young colleague a love story, and shows him how to live.


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