Circles and Dots (Communicating With Pattern) [paperback]


Circles and Dots celebrates the roundest, spottiest, and dottiest design from around the globe, from every design discipline, giving designers an understanding of the graphic language of pattern.

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Unique showcase exploring the use of pattern for visual communication across design disciplines.

The second in this highly collectible new series translates the language of circles and dots in design. This colorful, image-packed book showcases stunning examples of designs that incorporate these familiar motifs, but also explores the meaning and origin of these patterns and forms, and how they can be used in contemporary design to communicate a variety of messages and influences. From the dot and circle paintings of Damien Hirst, to polka dots, smileys, Pointilism, and corporate logos, Communicating with Pattern: Circles and Dots is an entertaining and highly informative read.


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