An American Duchess [Library Binding] Fyffe, Caroline

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In navigating their two different stations, both servant and duchess alike will discover all they have in common — from secret fantasies to daring hearts to upending the rules of society. And that finding their places in the world — and love — is a dream that can come true — no matter the risks.

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In Kent, England, the arrival of Beranger Northcott, Duke of Brightshire, causes a stir. Because with the duke comes his new American bride, who isn’t quite what anyone expects. By accepting the hand of her beloved, Emma Brinkman went from hardworking Colorado rancher to duchess. Now she’s expected to comport herself as nobility. Overnight. For Emma — stifled, homesick, and unable to shake the feeling she’s being watched —the metamorphosis is a challenge. And if Emma’s suspicions are correct, perhaps even a dangerous one.

Fortunately, Emma has found a trusted friend in the orphaned Charlotte, Brightshire’s scullery maid. Charlotte longs to experience — if only for a moment — the luxuries and gentry romance that come with a titled life. When one of the duke’s handsome cousins takes notice of Charlotte, the castle kitchen is set abuzz with speculation.

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