Life on the Little Black River [Paperback] Probert, Randall


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John and Ann Wiley are in Dr. Morneau’s office and Ann is concerned about John’s forgetfulness… “Sometimes when I look at John there doesn’t seem to be anything behind that stare or in his eyes.” John is aware that he has a difficult time remembering things, but what really scares him is that behind those blank stares, John is living a past life as if it is happening now…in the present… “I can’t remember anything that is in this life, but that past life is so real and vivid.” “Can you tell us about it, John?” John turns and looks at his wife Ann and says, “You were there.” Blair and Monique Kelley are forced to leave Fort Kent and homestead on the Little Black River in T18-R11 in 1866, because of the McQuale brothers, who will eventually come after them. Their biggest worry won’t be from Blair, the gentle giant, but from his wife Monique.


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