Pink Chimneys by Hamlin, Ardeana


Pink Chimneys is “a gentlemen’s club, a place for men to conduct business and entertain their associates.” Such is the delicate description of the classiest brothel in 19th-century Bangor, Maine. It is also the title of this enjoyable novel about three generations of women who are closely linked: Fanny; her daughter Elizabeth; and Maude, the midwife who delivered her. Treated with the same delicacy is Hamlin’s modern feminist viewpoint, which informs the story yet never distracts from the action unfolding on each page. Thoughtful, compassionate, and honest, this historical novel will delight readers (and perhaps inspire them to delve deeper into the rich history of Maine). In a new foreword for this special reissue, Hamlin looks back on the book that spawned two sequels.

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