Flagstaff: We Will Be No More [Paperback] Probert, Randall


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Flagstaff: We Will Be No More, is the third and last book in the Shelby series.Shelby is no longer the rough diamond, but instead he has become a polished gem, while Apona has grown beyond the beautiful water lily, to the warm sunshine that opens the lily flower each morning.Game Wardens Niles Clayton and Sam Beaver, with their cunning ways, strong of arm and mild mannered, have become legends from Jerusalem to Coburn Gore.On July 4th, 1949, the citizens and friends of Flagstaff, Biglow and Dead River Villages come together in what once was Flagstaff village for ceremonial good-byes, before CMP closes the gates at Long Falls Dam and floods the three villages. Their homes, livelihood and a tranquil way of life gone forever.We Will Be No More


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