Marquis: Man Who was Not Afraid [Paperback] Probert, Randall


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The Maine people have been complaining for years about New Brunswick lumbermen cutting the king pine and giant white spruce trees in the Aroostook Territory with little support from Augusta or Washington. Until, that is, the people in the Aroostook Territory started threatening to declare was on the entire British Empire if Washington didn’t do something soon. Maine lumbermen were tired of being arrested for cutting the king pine with the King’s broad head mark. They were tired of being harassed by New Brunswickers as they tried to river-drive their logs to market and they were tired of having to pay a tax to do so. When New Brunswick posses started patrolling the Maine woods looking for violators and arresting land agents, Maine’s governor finally agreed to send a volunteer militia to the Territory to build fortifications and defend the disputed area, Langdon MacBayne of Bethel, Maine, decides he wants to be part of this and he joins the militia and travels to what was to become Fort Fairfield on the Aroostook River. When the volunteer militia is replaced with trained troops MacBayne comes home and then he decides to trap beaver on Abenaki land north of Parmachenee Lake. And by a quirk of fate he lives with Piopolis’ People at Lac Megantic for 15 years before returning home. “…you have two wives now.”


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