Train to Barnjum [Paperback] Randall Probert


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For 56 years, from 1879-1935, the Sandy River and Rangeley Lake Railroad was an important transportation system for the entrepreneurs in the early lumbering industry in North Franklin County. Opening a vast woodland forest, it became a necessity for the local residents and farmers who serviced the growing lumbering operations.

It took a lot to feed hungry workers, so the contractors depended on moose, caribou and deer to feed the men. But when the Maine Warden Service was established in 1880, legislature passed a law prohibiting the commercial killing of wild animals to feed the crews.

Sterling Silvanus becomes a Game Warden and together with his wife Wynola, they enforce the laws and patrol the woods and lumbering communities along the Sandy River and Rangeley Lake Railroad for more than 20 years.

And Sterling unravels the mystery of Kirby Morgan’s disappearance.


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