Warden Service Comes to Flagstaff [Paperback] Probert, Randall


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This book is fiction and a sequel to Shelby’s Bridge. Shelby and Apona settle into an enjoyable life on the Dead River. On occasion they are bothered by wolves and extreme cold and storms. But they are only minor problems … compared to what is coming toward them. Maine Game Warden Supervisor Niles Clayton moves to Flagstaff after Shelby turns down Niles’ offer to become a game warden. After talking with young Sam Beaver, Niles decides Sam is just what he is looking for. While Niles is away on business, Sam proves himself. After a rugged situation and a long hike, they have put the fear of Maine Game Wardens into anyone thinking about poaching on the Quebec-Maine border.Sam finds a gold nugget in Woburn.


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