Whiskey Jack Family [Paperback] Probert, Randall


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Whiskey Jack Family concludes the Whiskey Jack series. Rascal and Emma Ambrose have continued to grow and evolve through the series. When the old village was removed, they stayed and made a profitable living from the old hotel they had transformed into a fishing and deer hunting lodge. Through the years, Rascal’s best friend was the game warden Jarvis Page who had put him in jail. . . and later Rascal’s wife, Emma. Rascal becomes a playmate for an uncommon friend, Bear. Bear takes it upon himself to watch over and protect those at Whiskey Jack Lodge and helps to shorten Hitler’s war in Europe. Rascal and Emma raise their son, Archer, at Whiskey Jack with respect and responsibility and a rare sense of people skills. Archer receives an appointment to the Annapolis Naval Academy from two of the most popular presidents of the new nation of North America. He goes on to become the youngest sailor ever to be promoted to Captain—aboard the Destroyer Bear.


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