Boobytown to Augusta [Paperback] Probert, Randall


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Shortly after the end of the Civil War, fifty immigrants from Quebec arrived in Lewiston and the town fathers, not knowing what to do with them, took them to Dallas Plantation and dropped them off five-and-a-half miles from Rangeley, near the south branch of the Dead River, in total wilderness. They were given a little money, 200 pounds of potatoes and seed for planting the following year, with the promise of more money and food the following year.

The settlement—or colony, as they preferred to call their village—later became known as BOOBYTOWN. Life in Boobytown was tenuous and extremely hard. But Wayland and Wilson (Badger) Bachelder had fun growing up in the colony, and in 1942 they both enlisted in the Army.

Three days after returning to his home in Boobytown after the war, Badger was arrested and taken to jail for grand larceny. After his trial, Badger talks with the judge and asks why should an innocent person have to pay an attorney to prove his innocence—and Badger takes this question all the way to Augusta.


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